25/01/2015 - By Stephen Scott

Photos: Highlights Of Nashville Comic Con 2014

Finally got a chance to add some highlight photos from Nashville Comic Con last year. As usual a great show, and the cosplayers always make the con. Take a look through the gallery for some fun snaps of stunning costumes like the above, plus some blood and guts, awesome super heroes and more.

10/12/2014 - By Stephen Scott

Cross Platform Mobile Strategy? Pfft, Screw Giving Customers Choice & A Better Experience, 'iGnorance' Is Bliss.

When you visit a club or restaurant and are denied entry, or you are ignored or treated unfairly buy a company, how do you feel?

When you used to be presented with web sites that told you 'this site requires Flash' 'Quicktime' or my favourite pet hate, 'this site only works with Internet Explorer' back in the day, was it welcoming, engaging and made you want more from those brands?

It's all a pretty crappy experience at times with some brands and still happens today, especially on mobile. I call it 'iMyopia'. It's the ignorant belief that everyone has an iPhone, and well, 'that's all we'll build for', 'because 'that's all we care for', and 'you must be poor if you don't have an iPhone' (I've seen people actually say and write these lines over the years.)

Research in to choice is often akin to 'Sue in HR has an iPhone as she's always taking selfies with it so yeah, well, that's research done then eh?' It's also otherwise known as 'can't be arsed' by some developers. (And yes Windows is limping along, Blackberry is dead, Android fragmentation whatever, it's about having at least one other 'choice' for customers.) Whilst Samsung's software is terrible, the Note 4 Ad below does sum up well, that choice is quite well established and also leading the innovation.

Just offering one other option to make a choice, is all it takes to fix this iMyopia. So logically, it's Android. It's well documented, but only really sinking in to the global mindset this last few years, that Android dominates. Globally.  Big emphasis on the word dominates, and globally, but hey, lets all take the blue pill,  ignorance is bliss right?

Even though well documented, it's hard to shift the ignorant mentality and make them aware that companies are being sued over lack of choice. Choice to me is mandatory, and it's legal in some places and countries that you give customers choices to access your information. It's the stupidity and ignorance of some though, that as a business you still think you can afford to build only for one platform and effectively... 'screw everyone else'.

For those, I suggest you listen to these eloquent words put very well by Mr. Samuel L Jackson.

Not convinced? So you like losing customers, want to get sued, and set a crappy expectation of your brand? Awesome. Not even having a publicised 'coming soon',  'we're working on it' statement or road map for some other platform is just.plain.stupidity. This is not Highlander, there never will be just one,. Deal with it. One platform, is not a choice.

Do you think your company is the only one selling, serving or making that thing you do? Think again. The choices for customers are bewildering, global and growing exponentially. Clone services, on line and offline options,

Chinese (cheaper and often just as good) knock-offs...new methods of doing whatever it is, are happening in your business stream and occurring by the second. Competition is gonna bite your backside, if you remain ignorant and especially  if many continue to be so arrogant and closed minded about customer choice.

Even some of  the biggest brands can fall easily, and someone is waiting to take your paycheck somewhere in the world, right, now, but don't let me stop you, carry on regardless in your 'iGnorance.'

A cross platform mobile strategy is essential today, and I've written many, and been involved in these discussions over many years. Often fighting tooth and nail with some clients and organisations, just to make them aware and fight the ignorance. FYI: The digital customer choice revolution will not be televised, it's mobilised, and has been here for ages.

Don't forget the global army of vocal customers, who will now not only just leave you, click away and shop elsewhere, but also damage your brand irrevocably, and leave a trail of digital dirt that you will take many years to clean up.

If you want to be relevant, attract more customers, grow communities, increase sales, have a better, balanced brand, take the red pill and then you offer a solid and rounded customer experience...
It's a choice you have to make.

01/09/2014 - By Stephen Scott

America. All it's wonders and problems summed up in one picture. Beautiful.

22/05/2014 - By Stephen Scott

Android Nexus 7 V2 Metallic Case and Combined Bluetooth Keyboard Review

SHOP NEXUS 7 ACCESSORIES: http://www.mobilezap.com.au/34046/electronics/nexus-7-2.htm

Another day, another device! My last keyboard got pinched by my wife so picked up another and it's even better. I give a quick review and show you how it works.

29/04/2014 - By Stephen Scott

Purple Sound AD002 'Made For Android' Headphones Video Review.

Another piece of tech I give a quick review. Sick of tangled headphones and crap jacks with cables that snap, I looked for a mid range set of headphones and got an excellent pair.

BUY THESE NOW: http://www.mobilezap.com.au/35860/samsung/galaxy-s5.htm

Works on all standard jacks for any phones,  but has free optional exclusive Android App https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.acrotech.unobutton

Product Features
  • Built-In Microphone & Remote 
  • High Quality Flat Tangle Free Cable (Huzzah!)
  • 4 Silicon Ear Sleeves Ensure Maximum Comfort & Sound Isolation 
  • Designed & Conceived in the UK 
  • Deep Bass Response 
  • Gold plates 3.5mm Jack
  • Sensitivity 108db

07/04/2014 - By Stephen Scott

Android Nexus 7 2013 Bluetooth Keyboard & Case Review

Another purchase at Mobilezap, home of many a cool gadget and geek sundry that I love.

I picked up this Bluetooth keyboard and protective case combined in one. Gives me an easy to use keyboard at meetings and has transforms into a viewing stand too.
Designed for the Google Nexus 7 2013 (Version shown here was actually for 2012 but '13 version minimal difference.)

BUY THIS NOW: http://www.mobilezap.com.au/34052/electronics/nexus-7-2/cases.htm